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A process observation and continuity film with a voice over.

Two players playing golf on a bright, sunny morning. The voice over explains the nitty-gritties of the game. Apart from the physical exercise involved in walking nearly 9 kilometres (in a standard 18-hole round) as well as the stance, force and restraint needed for the shots, this game demands accuracy and tactics. It is also one of the few outdoor games that people of varying physical capabilities are able to enjoy.

The film is 95 shots from multiple angles and edited as a single, seamless production.


An important social value in a silent shot.

In a city, an old lady and a young girl live in two flats with windows facing each other. It is late evening and there is a power cut. While the old lady searches helplessly for a matchbox to light a candle, the young girl observes her. How does the young girl, obviously brought up in the typical city-environment, react? Does she go back minding her own business? Or does she show compassion and offer help?

The film is a 60-second story in a single shot.


A short film about love and relationship with a humourous twist.

Three days before her wedding, the girl finds out that the love of her life has returned from the US and wants to marry her. While the considerate and sympathetic parents of the girl support her, can they flout social norms in the name of their daughter’s love and happiness? Who does she end up marrying?

The film is about 10 minutes long, with technical and appropriate sound mixing.


A short film about an aspiring model during a crisis.

A young aspiring model is struggling with her life in the city, away from her parents and quite alone. She finds comfort and companionship in a man. However, he deserts her for another woman. How does she cope? Does she take charge of her life and situation and remain strong and?

The film is 17-minute long and, like a real film, shot in different locations and with proper sound mixing.


A film on lives lost and love regained, and vice-versa.

Based on a story that had been circulating on the internet, the plot is that of love getting lost in the monotony of life and duties. And the fact that life is too uncertain and unforgiving to get second chances. A touching story of how lasting love can be rekindled through the little joys and moments of togetherness.

A 45-minute long film, where all the advanced techniques of film-making have been applied beautifully.


Another value-based testimony through film.

A teacher teaches a lesson on the self-worth of an individual through a unique example.

Writer, Cinematographer, Editor and Director: Sayan Mullick.


A short film about an age-old problem—match-making!

A desperate father takes his liberal, free-thinking daughter to the professional match-making agency. While the tagline of the agency is a guarantee to find the ‘match made in heaven’ in a matter of a day, it turns out finding the perfect partner sometimes requires Cupid’s arrow and the small finger of Lady Luck!

The film is 11 minutes long and shot like a real film, with characters, script and a plot.

Raater Andhare