Dutts Education & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


About Us

It is well known that audio-visual methods in both learning and entertaining are more effective than traditional ways. We live in an age of infographics and interactive 3D technology that makes information of all kinds simpler and more 'fun' to grasp.

However, the training available for these is for a select few-potential professionals.

That is what DENEPL aspires to change.

With its specialized film-making programmes and workshops that are affordable and designed for people of all ages and from all strata of life, DENEPL tries to instill the use of digital skills in all aspects of presentation-in learning, in entertaining, in advanced research, even in as yet unrealized dreams.

By training individuals to express knowledge or vision through film-making, DENEPL offers an unique opportunity. By creating short/feature films, documentaries, films on management training or attitude building, adventure films, etc., DENEPL's trainees are capable of transforming thoughts into animated actions; thereby, enhancing their creative impulses through the best possible avenues.